Kudos To The Carrot: Celebrate A Secret Superfood At Westminster Palms

We live in the age of the superfood: aka, ingredients that are packed with such a nutritious (and delicious) punch that we can’t help but honor them with their own special category. There’s no official classification system, of course, but a few fruits and veggies that often get the label include avocados, blueberries, and chickpeas, to name just a few.

Superfoods are often trendy ingredients that restaurants have fun incorporating into their menus in new, exciting ways. But what about the powerful produce that’s been enjoyed — but maybe not fully appreciated — for decades, to little fanfare? We think the humble carrot belongs in this category.

Here at Westminster Palms’ life plan community in St. Petersburg, FL, we’re passionate about nutrition. It’s one of the key pillars of our My W Life wellness program, and is an essential part of our mental and physical health! So just read on as we explore some of the delicious benefits of the carrot.

Count Your Colors

If you’ve ever been told to “eat the rainbow,” there’s a good reason for that! It doesn’t just make plates more appealing to the eye — it makes them better for the body, too, because a diversity of colors means you’re getting a vibrant blend of phytonutrients from the produce when you add them all together as part of a wholesome diet. And what’s so unique about carrots is that while orange may be the most popular color, there are many more varieties out there — including, as Tufts notes, lycopene-rich red and anthocyanins-rich purple.  

Feel-Good Fiber

Fiber is an important component of produce — and according to Tufts, carrots’ pectin can help lower cholesterol! Fiber in general supports digestive health and helps you feel satisfied after a meal, to name just a few key benefits. This is why carrots dipped in hummus or yogurt makes for such a fulfilling snack! (Of course, as we’ll see later, there are even more ways to enjoy carrots as part of your everyday meal plan.)

Vitamin A-mazing

Carrots come with many vitamins and nutrients you can feel good about, but they are most famous for their vitamin A. Carrots’ beta-carotene converts into this powerful vitamin, which is associated with white blood cell activity, bone health, and cell growth, per Harvard Health. And, yes, it promotes healthy vision as well!

Tufts also notes that carrots have anti-inflammatory properties and promote cardiovascular health, too — while studies are still happening to determine whether compounds in carrots might even be able to inhibit cancer cells’ growth. That’s a lot to feel good about in one little veggie!

Countless Ways To Enjoy

One of the especially great things about carrots is their versatility. Many of us keep frozen peas and carrots in our freezer as a go-to kitchen staple. Carrots can be chopped up and used in soups as part of an Italian soffritto — aka, an aromatic blend of celery, onions, and carrots that just makes every dish a bit better. Raw carrots can make for a handy snack — but they also come to life when prepared alongside a hearty Sunday roast dinner. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from, and you can even put them into a wholesome dessert like carrot cake or go-to breakfast bars. In other words, the sky is the limit when it comes to his colorful superfood!

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s ode to the carrot — a surprising, nutritious powerhouse! Enjoy this delicious ingredient and many more when you enjoy a meal at Westminster Palms’ resort-style dining or put together a colorful spread at home.

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