Celebrate The International Day Of Happiness From Our Life Plan Community In St. Petersburg, FL

Sure, we may be a few months into 2024 — but can’t the arrival of bright, sunny spring serve as a “new year” of sorts, too? That’s what makes the International Day of Happiness on March 20 such a special holiday: It’s an excuse to prioritize cheer and make mirth a built-in part of your life!

 Fortunately, from Westminster Palms’ life plan community in St. Petersburg, FL, you’re in the perfect position to hone in on happy. From our beautiful bayfront to fitness center and delicious dining opportunities every day, there’s always something going on — and as you’ll see below, each of these provides an opportunity to smile. Just read on to learn more. Spend Some Quality Time With Nature Studies have long linked outdoor time — especially exposure to natural blue and green spaces — to improved mental health. And according to an observational study featured in Harvard Magazine, certain features of outdoor spaces, such as scenic overlooks, shade, water, and wildlife, were especially positive for promoting well-being. So when you enjoy a walk through Westminster Palms’ waterfront community, you might just be doing something great for your mental health along the way! Work It Out Speaking of exercise… A workout session or fitness class promotes the release of feel-good endorphins, which is why your spirits tend to lift after working up a sweat! Of course, your exercise doesn’t need to be intense to reap the happy benefits. Through My W Life, you can find a fitness routine that perfectly suits your physical and emotional needs with ease. Call An Old Friend According to a recent study featured in Psychology Today, the simple act of reaching out to a loved one can help you feel mood-boosting effects like optimism and less stress — well after you’ve finished your conversation. The study pointed out that even short interactions can make you see the quality of your day in a more positive light, too. If 5 minutes can transform your day, then we’re willing to believe continuing that habit can transform your life. Volunteer Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine reports myriad benefits of volunteering and sharing your time with others — including feelings of connection and gratitude, which are sure to make you a little bit happier! Not to mention the physical benefits that have been observed in people who practice generosity. Finding a volunteer activity through My W Life’s wellness program can be a great way to get to know your community and do something great for your mind and body in the process. Make A Plan For Your Future Happiness doesn’t just have to be a fleeting moment in your day — it can be something you plan for, too, by building a wellness routine or charting your next getaway. It doesn’t have to be a grand plan — a staycation exploring beautiful St. Petersburg is a dream weekend any way you slice it! — but the mere act of having an activity to look forward to can help you feel more content and excited about your everyday life. We hope today’s guide helps you harness the power of happy for an everyday life you love! According to the American Heart Association, an optimistic outlook provides a host of health benefits in the long term — so there’s more than one reason to smile, this spring and all year long.

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