The Importance of Labels and How to Read Supplements

Congress acknowledged the importance of labels in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), requiring them to include information so that consumers can make conscious health care decisions. What’s in a label? Since many people utilize nutritional supplements for self-care, reading the labels at assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg is essential. Read on to discover the importance of reading label information for supplements.

A Focus on Nutrition

Seniors in the care of assisted living confront particular difficulties because our bodies have more difficulty absorbing nutrients as we grow older. Assisted living facilities in St Petersburg, Florida note that other issues that seniors face include difficulties chewing, problems with digestion, and unique nutritional requirements due to changes in metabolism or medications. We understand the need for supplements, and we also recognize that not reading the labels could lead to a slew of medical complications.

Causes For Dietary Issues

Depending on a person’s lifestyle, they may be faced with dietary issues that dictate what they must consume on a daily basis. Our experts recognize that even simple difficulties like consuming too much or too little food are exaggerated at an advanced age. Therefore, reading the labels on supplements is key to ensuring that each resident gets sufficient nutrition.

The Impact of Bad Eating Habits

There are specific repercussions to a history of bad eating habits. A poor diet may cause older adults to restrict certain aspects of their eating. Fortunately, assisted living facilities provide residents with an atmosphere that embraces healthy eating. With our help, residents can discover the best diet for their health.

Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

While some eating disorders are linked to genetics, there is growing scientific evidence that adopting healthy eating habits and taking supplements can considerably improve the chances of living a longer and healthier life. Facilities dedicated to assisted living in Saint Petersburg, Florida recognize the importance of nutrition and healthy living.

Assisted living facilities in Saint Petersburg, Florida want their residents to get the necessary nutrients in the right portions and emphasize that labels be read at all times to meet the recommended daily allowance. Next time you look at a label, consider that it is important to follow the instructions clearly in order to yield the most benefits for your health!

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