Independent Living Home Decor Tips To Improve Senior Safety

After choosing an assisted living option for your parents, time comes for you to start settling them into their new home. Moving from one home to another is an enormous change in everyone’s life – your parents are no different. As they begin to start a new life in their new surroundings, you want to make sure to help them create an inviting and safe space where they can feel comfortable and at peace.

At this stage of their life, seniors can often require help moving around or being mindful of their surroundings. To ensure there are no accidents waiting to happen, here are a few independent living home décor tips to improve senior safety:

Furniture placement

Place furniture strategically allowing an open living space where it is easy to walk around or for wheelchairs to pass through. The furniture should also be positioned in a way where it can be leaned upon for balance and stability. Tables, drawers and storage items should be at a height where bending and stretching isn’t required.

Select functional tables

Choosing and placing furniture strategically also means that you need to consider what type of tables you are placing around the home. Having round tables ensures that no one will be bumping into corners, which can be quite painful for the elderly. Avoid having any center tables in the living room as they cramp space and can also become an obstacle for someone having trouble moving around.

Avoiding risky rugs and scattered cords

For seniors, items that are not fixed in place can become a hazard. Rugs may look beautiful around the house, but they can easily cause someone to trip and have a fall. Instead, use regular carpeting if you want to cover the flooring so that there are no tricky edges that can cause a slip.

Similarly, electronic cords also cause falls if not tucked away carefully. Place them around wall edges or wrap them away in corners so that they can’t cause anyone to trip.

Add railings wherever required

Railings and grab bars can be very convenient for a senior who requires extra support when walking. These are especially helpful near entrances, hallways and the bathrooms.

Bring in easy to maintain greenery

To bring in some color and cheer in your loved one’s new living space, add some plants and floral arrangements. Choose plants that thrive indoors and don’t require much maintenance, or use artificial flowers if you want an option that doesn’t require daily attention.

Use personal belongings for décor

Using their favorite photos, usual coffee cups, old trophies and vacation mementos can be a comforting and familiar decoration idea for a senior moving to a new home. These items will not only bring a personal touch to the home but will also create a sense of belonging.

For spacious and comfortable living options for your elderly parents who require assisted living options in St. Petersburg, Florida, visit us at Westminster Palms and see for yourself what we offer. Contact us today to learn more about our skilled nursing facilities in St. Petersburg that cover all healthcare requirements.

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