Is It Too Early for Assisted Living?

There are assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida that make your loved one’s life more comfortable. However, choosing assisted living in St. Petersburg means making a major decision that can impact the rest of your loved one’s life. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are some reasons why now may be too early to send your family member to an assisted living program.

They’re Not Physically Ready

Can your parents still get upstairs okay? Can they take medication as prescribed, bathe, clean, and eat independently? If your loved one is able to physically get around, assisted living may be too much of a burden for an older adult capable of handling themselves. There’s a sense of community in these programs, but older adults often prefer knowing they can take care of themselves without the help of a trained professional.

They May Prefer Solitude

Many older adults still like their solitude. Being alone sometimes is important at a time in life where older adults want to reflect on their life and enjoy private time with family. These living facilities do a good amount to make sure residents feel they have access to the care they need. But for older adults, a familiar face may be more friendly than someone they’ve never met. Hence, the benefits of solitude may outweigh moving into an assisted living program.

They’re Not Mentally Ready

Preferring solitude is one thing, but moving into assisted living facilities is a huge choice. Assisted living programs present a form of closure some senior citizens might not be ready to embrace. Unresolved conflicts, a joyful personality, and the sorrow that comes from leaving home may be too much to bear. Therefore, it may be better to wait until later so that you and your loved ones can all spend more time together.

One of the worst decisions adult children can make is placing their parents into an assisted living program too early. If they’re still physically and mentally capable, why rush the process? At the very least, older adults may wish to spend more time alone than socializing in assisted living. The benefits are there, but patience is key when making decisions on behalf of older adults.

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