Keeping Your Whites Pearly: Oral Care Tips for Assisted Living Saint Petersburg Residents

While getting older, residents of assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg should take some extra time to care for their oral health. Poor oral health can have consequences – such as dealing with tooth loss, gum conditions, root decay, and dry mouth. So, how can you best avoid these problems – and have the healthiest teeth possible? Read on for a few top oral health tips for seniors.

Floss and Brush Daily

Probably, you have heard about the importance of flossing and brushing since childhood. Regular brushing and flossing are the perfect ways to enhance and maintain oral health. Dentists recommend that a person should brush twice daily. As you age, you can benefit from more fluoride; therefore, select a toothpaste containing high mineral levels. You should also remember to also floss once per day. If you or a loved one faces challenges due to conditions such as arthritis while brushing, try a flossing tool or water pick. Staff at your assisted living facility can also help you combat any of these challenges!

Use a Good Toothbrush

A toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head that can reach the back of the mouth is perfect for brushing. Find products accredited by reputable dental associations. However, conditions like arthritis may make it hard to brush. In that case, you should consider purchasing a battery-operated toothbrush to have a perfect daily cleaning. Change your toothbrush after every three months or any time bristles begin to fray. 

Avoid Tobacco Products

To maintain good oral health, you should avoid chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Besides lung cancer, smoking can also lead to mouth and throat cancer. In addition, tobacco can also cause tooth decay and gum diseases. You can consult a doctor about developing a treatment plan to help with quitting smoking. 

Apply Antibacterial Mouthwash

Bacteria and germs in the mouth may lead to plaque build-up, gum conditions, and eventually tooth loss. Seniors should use a mouthwash that has antibacterial properties to facilitate the prevention of gum conditions. Remember to use mouthwash daily. This can help to eliminate mouth bacteria. If a senior wears dentures, they may be more exposed to bacterial build-ups.

For regular, expert assistance with your oral health and other parts of your healthy, active lifestyle, turn to Westminster Palms! Our St. Petersburg assisted living facility gives you the freedom and fun to enjoy active senior living. Contact us today to discover how living at Westminster Palms can benefit you!

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