Staying Safe in St. Petersburg Assisted Living During Severe Weather

You can never be too prepared when it comes to emergencies. Administrators at your assisted living facility must include severe weather safety as part of their emergency preparations and incorporate it into their plans. However, when it comes to hurricanes and other storms you might face while living in Florida, it pays to be calm and prepared! Read on to learn several ways to stay smart and safe in St. Petersburg assisted living during severe weather.

Have A Strategy

Just like any emergency situation, planning is essential to staying prepared. Create a strategy for any situation that might arise – and check with your assisted living facility to know their plans and procedures. Do they have partnerships in place with other assisted living facilities and businesses in the area? Are you aware of any particular evacuation, emergency, or shelter-in-place plans for your area?

Buy Emergency Supplies

In the event of a crisis, your assisted living institution should have medication, water, and food on hand to fulfill your basic needs. However, be sure to plan ahead with any additional supplies you may need! This might mean batteries, a flashlight, waterproof storage for any important items, and even some entertainment, like books or puzzles while you wait for the storm to pass.

Educate Yourself About Disaster Preparation

Even when facing inclement conditions, it’s important to keep your composure! If severe weather strikes, don’t fear – your skilled assisted living facility team is trained to solve any problems that might arise during a hurricane. Learning what to expect can make the situation a little less scary. For example, know the terminology. A “hurricane watch” refers to the possibility of hurricane conditions in an area. A “hurricane warning” means that hurricane conditions are actually expected in the area.

Execute Your Practice Plan 

Even if you’re not as familiar with the process, severe weather safety, such as fire drills, preparation for tornadoes, hurricanes, and more, can be learned with practice at your independent living St. Petersburg facility. If you’re not sure about what to expect, talk to a member of your assisted living facility team to learn what you can prepare to do!

Don’t fear the potential of hurricane conditions in your St. Petersburg assisted living facility. Instead, get prepared! Once you know the routine, it will be simple to weather the storm in your well-prepared facility at Westminster Palms. For more information about planning your move and St. Petersburg lifestyle, explore our website or get in touch today!

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