Staying Connected with Your Loved Ones from Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg, FL

Even with all the ease of living, amenities, and services provided by assisted living in Saint Petersburg, these facilities still encourage the important need for residents to stay in contact with loved ones! So, how can you plan to keep family and friends as a top priority while adjusting yourself or a loved one to a new lifestyle? Keep reading to learn just how easy it is to stay connected.

Social Media Communication

Facebook is great for keeping in contact through messages and status updates. Your family and friends can always know what’s going on while staying informed on the progress a loved one is making with settling into assisted living or memory care services. Twitter is a great way for senior citizens to keep in touch with family, sharing updates with a simple interface. In short, social media communication keeps everyone aware and knowledgeable, without the time delay that comes with writing letters.

Video Calling

Sometimes social media by itself isn’t enough for friends and family to stay connected. Fortunately, video calling applications and software can allow loved ones to connect with assisted living facilities in St Petersburg, Florida, in real time – from anywhere in the world. This can also be a key way to help residents speak to doctors about their care.

Creating Traditions in Assisted Living

The good part about assisted living is the services that allow residents and loved ones to stay connected. While community events and health services are important, assisted living is a lot more enjoyable when people bond under a common theme. For example, a cup of coffee every Friday with a relative becomes a routine over time. Likewise, a walk around the facility with a pastor becomes an activity worth embracing. Active communication, on the same date or time of day, is one of the best ways for residents to stay connected.

Learn More About Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg FL

There shouldn’t be any reason for assisted living residents to go without talking to family. With social media free and easily accessible and video calling simple and convenient, sometimes the only thing keeping family apart is lacking routine or a common and accessible tradition that brings them close. In the end, they key to a great experience with assisted living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, involves keeping in touch with the people who matter the most. To start planning your Saint Petersburg lifestyle at Westminster Palms, contact us today!

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