Assisted Living FL: 3 Ways for Older Adults to Stay Active in the Winter

With the winter season can sometimes come to a lack of motivation to be active, especially among older adults. But the key is in finding the types of exercises that interest you and work for your level of mobility. Even in the wintertime, there are a variety of options for older adults to stay active and healthy. Check out these 3 options for older adults to get going this winter!

Off to a Good Start:

Morning Walks with a View One of the great things about Florida is that the weather is beautiful, even in the winter. That means, there’s no excuse to not get outside and enjoy some fresh air first thing in the morning! Kicking off your day with an endorphin boost with a brisk walk around the independent living facilities in Florida is a great way to boost happiness throughout the rest of your day — and as we say at Westminster, being happy never gets old!

Calm and Collected: Afternoon Yoga

Unwind and recharge from an eventful morning with some low-impact, high-reward yoga poses. Grab a supportive mat and some relaxing music and reap the benefits of personalized poses. For a pose that improves balance, incorporate the tree pose. For a pose that regulates digestion, try the child’s pose. For a pose that relieves back pain, test out that upward salute.

Pump Up the Party: Dance or Zumba Class

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore — it should be fun! Not only does dancing relieve but it also trains the brain to think about what’s coming next, making it a great mental exercise, too. You can enjoy this kind of workout from the comfort of your home by pulling up a pre-made workout video on your computer or TV.

There are so many benefits to physical activity and finding the right exercises that work for you is key! At Westminster, we believe in well-rounded, whole-person wellness with what we call, “My W Life.” This exclusive program is foundational at all of our locations, and one of the dimensions of this program is physical health. To offer our residents and team members an active and engaging lifestyle, we encourage fitness classes that emphasize achieving your maximum level of fitness, avoid harmful habits, make informed decisions about your health, and seek medical assistance when necessary. Learn more about our mission, values and assisted living opportunities by contacting us today!

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